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District Office of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

We learn with and from one another, with the goal of innovation, inspiration, and improvement for all.

The Allendale District Office of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment is committed to fostering the following habits of mind for ALL students through engaging, rigorous, joyful, and meaningful learning experiences:

Allendale Learning Mindsets graphic

Empathetic and Compassionate

Every individual in the Allendale School District is valued, cared for, and celebrated for who they are and what they bring to our schools. Social connection, friendship, and belonging are for everyone, and we work together to ensure that this is true for every member of our community.  Our curriculum and instruction reflect these core values as well.

Social-emotional learning experiences are provided for all students and include the exploration of topics such as Setting Myself Up For Success, Navigating Friendships, Identity and Understanding Others, and Self-Management and Coping with Change.

Lifelong Learners and Pursuers of Knowledge

The Allendale School District is a vibrant learning community, where students, teachers, administrators, and staff are committed to a mindset of lifelong learning.  Here, we believe that learning is a process where we all have the opportunity to share our already-existing areas of expertise while simultaneously stretching our ways of knowing.

Creative and Curious

Allendale strives to develop curriculum and instructional practices for students that are innovative, hands-on, and "deeper rather than wider" in scope of study.  We demonstrate the mindsets of lifelong learners:  asking questions, remaining curious, and actively listening with the goal of understanding. 

Similarly, staff is engaged in a wide variety of high-level learning, including district-wide professional development, job-embedded learning with an Instructional Coach, and teacher-choice learning options. This allows us to integrate the most innovative and engaging practices into our classrooms.

Resilient and Adaptable

In the Allendale School District, we simultaneously celebrate our successes while identifying ways in which we can grow.  We develop habits of mind across a wide range of disciplines, integrating knowledge broadly and with intentional awareness of diverse perspectives.  We take on challenges, because we understand that enduring learning requires experimentation, struggle, trial and error, grit, and perseverance.   We can cultivate a joy for learning even (and perhaps especially) when we do hard things!

Communicative and Collaborative

Strong communication and collaboration are indispensable skills. The Allendale School District supports students' agility with academic presentational skills, Socratic discourse, conflict resolution, conversational etiquette, and active listening.  

Collaboration is integrated into all aspects of teaching and learning.  Teachers work together to plan learning experiences and share professional knowledge with one another.  Students work together to solve problems, support one another's understanding of instructional content, and support the development of metacognitive processes.