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 All Parents of Students in K-8 are Welcome

Focus on Resiliency - October 6th 
The District's Health and Wellness Goal is interwoven with Character Education.  We were fortunate enough to have motivational speaker, Scott Chesney, speak to our students and parents on October 6th; there were three student assemblies and an evening program for our parents. 
Click here for further details: RESILIENCY
Parent Math Night - October 13th 
A partnership with our parents is critical for our students' success.  This informational evening provided the opportunity to learn more about the new mathematics program and curriculum in Grades K-5 and to explore ways to support your children at home.
Presentation - Click Here: PARENT MATH NIGHT
Special Education 101 - November 12th  
During this "Parents as Partners" Presentation, the members of the Department of Special Services provided a review of the process and the terminology in the world of Special Education.  The workshop also included information on referral, evaluation, and eligibility for Special Education Programs and Services.
Presentation - Click Here: Terminology in Special Education
Reading Continuum - February 23rd
This Parents as Partners Presentation provided our families with the opportunity to learn about the Reading Continuum, thus enabling them to more fully understand reading as a developmental process and to understanding the journey the children take to become proficient readers. NOTE: An encore session of this presentation was offered at Hillside School on March 22nd.  
Presentation - Click Here:  READING CONTINUUM
Future Topics - TBA
Helping Your Child - October 14th
Our first Parents as Partners workshop, "Helping Your Child", held on October 14th, focused on understanding the adolescent brain, increasing compliance in the home, homework strategies, and fostering positive communication with children. The staff from the Student Services Department did a wonderful job presenting many positive strategies to effectively deal with these parenting issues.  To access a copy of the PowerPoint for the "Helping your Child" presentation, kindly click here: Helping Your Child - Parents as Partners Workshop 10/14/14
Word Study  - October 24th
This year the District is implementing Word Study, specifically "Words Their Way" in Grades K-5.  Word Study teaches students how to look closely at words to discover the regularities and conventions of English orthography.  Students will discover generalizations about spelling, instead of just spelling rules.  To access a copy of the presentation, kindly click here:  Word Study in Action.
PARCC and Common Core -  November 18th
Parents will receive an explanation of The Common Core Standards, how they were developed and their impact on instruction in our K-8 classrooms. We will also introduce the PARCC Assessments, their current design and the preparation students will have in order to take the assessments this school year. Classroom workshops led by some of our Elementary and Middle School Language Arts and Mathematics teachers will follow the whole group presentation. To access a copy of the PowerPoint for this presentation, click here: PARCC and The Common Core
Basic Skills/Supporting Learners - March 26th @ 7:00PM (Brookside Auditorium) 
This session will give our District Families the opportunity to learn about Basic Skills by providing insight into identification, structure of the program, and more.  The informative presentation will benefit everyone, regardless of whether or not your child receives Basic Skills Instruction. To access a copy of the PowerPoint Presentation, click here:    HOW DO WE HELP OUR CHILDREN?
Summer Slide June 10th @ 6:30PM (Brookside Cafeteria Annex)
"Summer Slide" is a term that has been coined as the loss of academic skills that can occur over summer break. Although rest and relaxation are important, there can be some loss when students stop reading, solving math problems and engaging their minds for an extended period of time.  To access a copy of the PowerPoint Presentation, click here: SUMMER SLIDE