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  • Lunches may be purchased on a daily basis at $2.95 per meal. The cost for a Village Fresh Lunch is $4.25. Complete lunches include a milk selection and 2 selections of fruits and/or vegetables.
  • Milk may be purchased separately at a cost of $.60 per carton.
  • Students may make purchases with cash, a check payment or from their online lunch account (
  • When sending in milk or lunch money (cash), place payment in a sealed envelope noted with the child’s name, homeroom teacher and the amount enclosed on the face of the envelope.
  • Make checks payable to: Allendale Board of Education.
  • If a student comes to school without a lunch meal there are three options:
    • The child may call home.
    • The child may charge a meal through our meal service provider; up to 1 charge will be accepted. This money will need to be repaid.
    • If a child does not care for what is being served, we can provide them with an alternative.
  • Snacks may be purchased with cash, check or through the student’s online account. It is always best to send in loose change or single dollar bills in a sealed envelope for this purpose. Please do not have your child bring in any bills larger than $5.00. We cannot be held responsible for lost money. Recently, we have seen an increase in students ‘borrowing’ money from each other, especially for the purchase of snacks.