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Our goal at Hillside School is to provide students with a well-rounded and comprehensive education, which includes Character Education. Every month, we have a theme to focus on throughout the year. During a monthly assembly, the featured character trait is presented to students from kindergarten to third grade in order to educate the students, as well as to provide a meaningful foundation upon which they will each develop.
This year, Hillside and Brookside Students will be focused on RESILIENCE! Each of our ten themes will be highlighted for its importance in the successful development of good character, as well as a connection to resilience through the theme. 
Our monthly assembly information, listed by months are: 
September - Positivity
October - Respect
 November - Gratitude
December - Self Esteem 
 January - Kindness 
February - Cooperation
March - Fairness
April - Responsibility & Autism Awareness Month
May - Citizenship
June - Honesty